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Peppa Pig Clean

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Peppa Pig had dinner with friends last night and now needs your help to clean up the mess in the kitchen. Clean water on the floor with the mop. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, put the garbage in the pot and set ...

Fashion Studio – Gardening Outfit

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This pretty girl is working in her garden today. She wants to do this in style so she needs some help from your excellent fashion skills. Can you create the perfect gardening look for her? First you must design a new ...

Frozen Garden Decor

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Princess Disney Anna enjoys taking care of her garden so she will be so grateful if you help her to decorate it. Place the plants, flowers and objects where you prefer to make the garden the prettiest of Arendelle.


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Aliens found out what basketball is, changed the rules a bit and are constantly playing it now. Challenge them! Use Mouse To Play

Ghostbombers 2

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Mr.Cat found himself a new house! A castle to be exact. Mr.Cat didn't expect to find ghosts there, and even vampires! Well, who you gonna call if you have a problem with ghosts? Ghostbombers of course! Take the role o...

Hidden Candies

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How many candies can you find in this new block collapsing game with a twist?How to play: Click on a group of two or more symbols of the same kind to remove them! Destroy the stated amount of symbols to progress to th...

Fashion Studio – Halloween Outfit

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This girl needs to look fabulous on this year's Halloween party but she doesn't have the perfect outfit yet. Can you help her out and create a great halloween costume? You need to pick 4 clothing items and give each p...

Baby Hazel Clean

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Baby Hazel had dinner with friends last night and now needs your help to clean up the mess in the kitchen. Clean water on the floor with the mop. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, put the garbage in the pot and set...

Halloween Match Fun

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Play this Halloween Match Fun. Match a column or row of three or more Pumpkins of the same type to make them disappears. Break all the Pumpkins in time to complete the each level. You can move the Pumpkins by using th...

Quiz Story – Software

397 Played0 Comments

Do you you think there is no fun in programs like browsers, music players, virus scanners or photo editing software? Quiz Story turns all these programs in interesting and challenging categories of a unique quiz game....

Pumpkin Delivery

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Hello and welcome to Pumpkin Delivery, a game that will hopefully make all of you gamers completely satisfied, as this game has a lot to offer not only in terms of game playing experience, but also in style and in the...


410 Played0 Comments

This time, we have the Pumpkin Man game and we hope that with this game, you'll have one of the best game playing times that you ever had. Move throughout the maze by using the arrow keys located on your keyboard. The...

Halloween Crazy Shooter

873 Played0 Comments

It's Halloween time ! The scariest time of the year! Play this Halloween Crazy Shooter ! Halloween Crazy Shooter is a game of classic Halloween Shooter Game. You move the arrow with your mouse. Just shoot the Hallowee...

Zippy Boxes

306 Played0 Comments

What?s inside the Zippy Boxes? Help Piggy the key-keeper free his friends locked inside! Touch and guide the colored boxes to their matching keys. Solving each puzzle makes Piggy happy!If you are stuck on a level, you...


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Collect beautiful picture which depicts a celebration Halloween. But remember that time is limited.


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Collect beautiful picture which depicts a celebration Halloween. But remember that time is limited.

Monster Chains

318 Played0 Comments

Press and hold the left mouse button and move over at least 2 monsters of the same kind horizontally or vertically to remove them. Create Monster Chains for extra points!(Monster Chain - connect the last monster in yo...

Coloring Strawberry Shortcake Shy

382 Played0 Comments

Choose your favorite colors from the palette to paint the most loyal friend on Berry Bitty City.rnUse the mouse to play.

Candy Rain 3

538 Played0 Comments

It’s raining candy! Hallelujah! The fantastic match3 puzzle game Candy Rain is back with brand new levels and Candy Rain 3 is more fun than ever. Combine at least three delicious candies to make them vanish from the f...

Sumo Sushi Puzzle

440 Played0 Comments

Funny sumo wrestler adores sushi. Create sushi combinations and may be you will be able to feed the sumo guy!

Diamond Match3

608 Played0 Comments

Diamond Match3 - The objective of the game is to switch two adjacent Diamonds to make a horizontal or vertical set of three or more diamonds of the same color. The more diamonds of the same color and shape in line or ...

Makeover Studio – Viking Girl

358 Played0 Comments

Transform this ancient viking girl into a modern fashion diva in our latest makeover studio game! Follow 3 easy steps to complete her awesome transformation. First you must create a new outfit. Step into the fashion s...

Halloween 2015 Spot Difference

370 Played0 Comments

As the 2015 Halloween is getting closer and closer, bring you this addicting spot difference games. Spot the differences between two images of the halloween and happy halloween.

Funny Halloween Puzzle

438 Played0 Comments

Funny Halloween Puzzle is a free online game from genre of puzzle and kids games. On this game you can choose two modes, jigsaw or sliding. On jigsaw mode you should drag the pieces into right position. Multiple piece...

Pet Pop Party

606 Played0 Comments

Play this cute match 3 game for free! Match the kitty, bunny and bear to score points and win coins. Save the pets and they'll help you progress through the different levels with great power-ups. Come and play in this...

Sugar Tales

507 Played0 Comments

Sugar Tales is nice graphics candy world, there are a variety different of sweet sugar canddy, candy mobs after some looking, and found the secret world of canddys, and they decided to breath these sweets are eaten,pl...

Halloween Icon Match

491 Played0 Comments

It’s Halloween time ! The scariest time of the year! Play this Happy Halloween Icon Match! Match a column or row of three or more Halloween Icons of the same type to make them disappears. Break all the Halloween Ico...

4 Jewels

600 Played0 Comments

4 Jewels is a fantastic puzzle Game where you must get 4 lines or columns matching tiles. you can play relaxed No time limit,but need to think about the strategy or movements there will be not space on the stage. Ther...

Galactic Gems Briar 2

818 Played0 Comments

GalacticGems 2 Best online game Collect galactic gems. find powerful bonuses. Explore new world planets.

Play Farm of Dreams

606 Played0 Comments

Description: The goal is to collect identical tiles in groups of three or more until you collect enough to complete the current level. If your matching skills are superb and you are able to remove 4 or 5 identical ti...

Play Zuma

614 Played0 Comments

Description: You shoot same colored balls into the line of balls. Make sure you accurately place it next to its color as the line is moving. Acquire additional bonuses when you hit a combo that gives you new abilitie...

Funny Monsters Connect

1.33K Played0 Comments

Funny Monsters Connect is a classic connect game with Halloween Theme. In this game you need to clear the board by removing monster pairs which can be connected with 3 or less than 3 lines within given time limit. You...

The Blockies

464 Played0 Comments

Blockies is a new addicting block collapsing puzzle game with 2 difficulties and new and refreshed gameplay. Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?How to play: Click on a group of the same blocks to remove them, remo...

Everyone s Sudoku

359 Played0 Comments

Very ease to play Sudoku. Sudoku for everybody. Different levels of difficulty. It shows you the remaining options and if you make a mistake you can delete it. You can replay the same Sudoku how many times you want to...

Sun Charm

394 Played0 Comments

Sun Charm is here. Take a whirlwind tour across the magical land populated by cute wizzies and wake them from slumber! Complete all missions given by colorful characters - fill the star meter, collect jade crystals, ...

Chin Up Shin Up

279 Played0 Comments

Play Chin Up Shin Up. Help Haru climb as high as he can and not lose the swag! Get more stylish goodies for Haru by collecting coins and unlocking them at the store. Avoid hammers blocking your way by tapping right a...

Happy Halloween Match 3

419 Played0 Comments

Play this free matching game based on a nice halloween theme. Your goal in this game is to get as many points as possible - but you only got 60 seconds to do that.To achieve this you swap halloween-pieces of the same ...


425 Played0 Comments

The Chuppy-Shills animals are scared and can't find the way home in an adventureland.rnYou can collect them using a special vacuum tool. rnBesides, you can also move objects by this tool and set different mechanisms t...

Bubble Shooter Halloween Pack

671 Played0 Comments

Bubble Shooter Halloween Special is a classical bubble shooter game with exclusive levels. There will be 40 exciting levels in this game. You can shoot a ball after setting direction with the help of mouse. To finish ...

Tap the Frog

359 Played0 Comments

Ribbit! Do you have what it takes to help the Frog jump, paint and spacewalk the way to his sweetheart? Join the Frog as he embarks on an adventure that will take him from the lily pads of his home pond to the farthes...

Funny Pets

529 Played0 Comments

Awesome swipe matching puzzle game with a lot of levels, bonuses and fun! Make longest chains of similar pets in this funny match 3 game to get exciting bonuses. Form the chain of three or more pets of the same color ...

Halloween Monster

564 Played0 Comments

Click on monsters with the same color to remove them. Don't let the monsters to reach the bottom of the game.

Ancient Jewels

1.38K Played0 Comments

Various levels and bonuses, excellent graphics and melodious music make this game a special treat. Collect three or more figures of the same color in a horizontal or vertical line and they will disappear. If there is ...

Bubble Town 2

550 Played0 Comments

Bubble Town 2: The sequel to the immensely popular Bubble Town has arrived! Bubble Town 2 has upgraded graphics, more levels and the ability to swap Borbs in the canon. Just one shot, and you’ll be hooked on this arca...

bubble Charms

629 Played0 Comments

bubble-charms: A fun and colorful arcade puzzle game. Aim the bubbles and pop matching groups of three or more. Can you reach a top-score?

Star Night Match 3 Game

583 Played0 Comments

A fun match 3 puzzler in which you'll need to make matches over all of the dark squares. Control: Match dark blocks in this fun match 3 game. Clear all the squares in the given time to move to the next level. click ...

Match Three Toys

439 Played0 Comments

Three or more same toys in a line can be removed! Try your best to remove them as quickly as you can!

The Sorcerer Zuma Game

574 Played0 Comments

The Sorcerer Zuma is a HTML5 clone of the famous Zuma puzzle game. The game is very simple: you need to shoot to match three or more colored balls. Use Mouse to play.

Ball Match

597 Played0 Comments

Destroy those ball by creating lines of 3 or more ball of the same kind, play 90 levels.

Bubblins Match-4

510 Played0 Comments

Bubblins Match-4 is a new puzzle matching game with 2 game modes and lot of fun for all ages!There a lot of match-3 games but in our game you must match at least 4 the same bubbles to make them disappear! Sounds easy?...

Angry Birds Slingshot Fun 2

584 Played0 Comments

Angry Birds Slingshot Fun is back! New graphics, new gameplay new 24 levels! This time you must jump through all the Red Color rings and pass all the levels. Sling Angry Bird just right so that he goes through all the...


1.73K Played0 Comments

jungle-magic: The Jungle Magic Game is a match 3 game set in the lush rainforests of a distant land. Try to put together the ancient talisman that is now broken. Use the mouse to swap artefacts and try to create li...

Match Daft Birds

758 Played0 Comments

There are lots of daft birds around your house. They are cute but also noisy! Clear these birds by swapping them!

Angry Birds Crazy Shooter

1.84K Played0 Comments

Angry Birds Crazy Shooter is a game of classic Angry Birds Crazy Shooter. You move the arrow with your mouse. Just shoot the Angry Birds with similarly colored Angry Birds Make combinations of 3 or more Angry Birds to...

Fashion Studio – Horse Riding Outfit

433 Played0 Comments

This girl is a big fan of horse riding and today she's going to ride her favorite horse. She wants a brand new outfit for this so she's asking you to help her out? Are you up for this task? Design a new dress by compo...

Looney Roonks

285 Played0 Comments

Little, cute Looney Roonks can?t help themselves - they are running for a cliff edge pretty much like lemmings in HTML5. They don?t care about the long fall that awaits them, as they feel the urge to run and they do s...

JomJom Jump

343 Played0 Comments

Dash from platform to platform in this endless jumping game. How many sweet apples would JomJom eat, before he?ll miss a platform and fall?You'll love JomJom Jump!

Cinderella’s Rush

407 Played0 Comments

Game based on the classic fairy tale that every boy and girl knows - the story of Cinderella!Little girl needs to clean the dishes before she would be able to go to the ball and meet the Prince Charming there.Move the...

Bubble Shooter HD

794 Played0 Comments

Have a great time playing Bubble Shooter HD, the brand new HTML5 version of Booble Shooter! This Bubble Shooter game is very intuitive and easy to learn. It's a mix between "Tetris", "Connect Four" and "Puzzle Bubble...

Super Candy Gems

714 Played0 Comments

[caption id="attachment_1643" align="alignnone" width="100"] Super Candy Gems[/caption] Match 3 or more colorful candy Gems to clear them! Score as much as you can in the available time. Match the required number o...

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